Voice Coil Test Bench: PD.124NR1

by | Nov 21, 2019 | News

Concise, timely and accurate, Voice Coil is the one-stop source to stay competitive in the loudspeaker industry! Every month, Voice Coil delivers loudspeaker professionals with the latest in technology and components. Editor and audio professional, Vance Dickason and other industry experts provide a comprehensive collection of reviews on the loudspeaker products you use every day: drivers, test and measurement software, cones, ferrofluid, piezoelectrics and more!

20191121120827 Photo1 PrecisionDevices PD124NR1 Voice Coil Test Bench: PD.124NR1

The voice coil ‘Test Bench’ is an open forum for OEM driver manufacturers in the loudspeaker industry and all OEMs are invited to submit samples to Voice Coil for inclusion in the monthly Test Bench column. In the September 2019 edition Vance Dickason characterises the Precision Devices PD.124NR1 bass/ mid range driver featuring our unique Radial Neo Technology.

“As always I find this woofer, like everything I have seen so far from Precision Devices, to be a very well-crafted driver with a good set of performance trade-offs.”

Vance Dickason, Voice Coil Test Bench PD.124NR1 review.

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