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Precision Devices has an enviable reputation for building many of the world’s leading transducers. We manufacture many specialised products, that are not specifically covered within our core branded product range, for some of the world’s most prestigious audio companies to their own exacting standards and blue prints.

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Precision Devices are 100% committed in continuing to grow our UK manufacturing capabilities and increasing sales of UK-made products to International markets. Thanks to our dual manufacturing capabilities we are able to offer our clients premium products made in the UK or high volume, price-sensitive products for international markets.

OEM Exclusive Line

Conceived to meet the requirements of large volume, international pro audio systems manufacturers that require more competitive pricing, faster lead times and direct shipping to international locations. Assembled at our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. The OEM series features highly reliable and versatile models using our latest cutting-edge materials and technology for use in a wide array of audio applications. Fully Klippel verified, using the same highest-quality materials and following the same extensive build quality standards as our UK manufactured products they offer ultimate performance value.

From Concept To Cabinet

Our skilled technical staff and dedicated engineers have the facility to manufacture custom units that are correct first time, on time and with the least variation from your original specification. Their outstanding technical knowledge in driver and systems design combined with innovative ideas, can assist in driving your product developments forwards. Giving you a competitive edge from concept to the final cabinet’s world-class audio performance.

We have an unrivaled reputation for client support and confidentiality, your work with our design team will ensure that any loudspeaker we manufacture to your design brief is not duplicated for another customer. You can be sure your development will be swift and in safe hands.

Specialist designs for unique targeted applications. Designed to your brief and price point.

Technical Teams working closely and directly with you to develop ideal solutions.

Reduced manufacturing lead times, on-time logistics and competitive pricing.

Design and development facilities at your disposal along with Klippel measurement systems along with other analysis tools.


Unique bespoke transducer design, manufacture and consultancy services.

Small or large volume production capabilities with complete quality control and least variation from specifications.


Modification options such as cone protection and performance coatings optimise models to your specific needs.


Fast and efficient prototype and design process.

Your own unique part numbers and label designs.

The Latest Loudspeaker Design & Technology

Take a closer look at the technologies behind our products and discover what goes into making an audio performance like no other.


Tell Us About Your Audio Project

It all starts here… Please be sure to include as much information as possible so that we may give you the most accurate response based on the details you enter. This is the first step to creating your bespoke driver designs or servicing your OEM requirements. We look forward to working with you.

All information is kept strictly confidential and will never be shared outside of our organisation without your express permission.

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