Our Technology

Precision Devices transducers feature innovative design and state-of-the-art material technologies. More than just the result from decades of acoustic research and development, knowledge and expertise.


Our R&D team use FEA (finite element analysis), along with state-of-the-art modelling and design software to ensure each component and, ultimately, the final product performs to its fullest potential. High-level investment in this area means we continue to develop and innovate, pushing the boundaries in acoustic design, and material technology.

Although measured performance is the goal of all professional audio development, science alone can never establish the quality of a loudspeaker. Therefore, following in-depth scientific analysis we subject all products and advancements to extended listening tests. It is only by doing so that we are able to satisfy the ultimate reference - the human ear.

Chassis Design

Our unique twelve-sided (dodecagon) die-cast aluminium chassis not only makes our products instantly recognisable and visually arresting. Their shape and design also incorporates FEA designed features to assist with efficient heat transfer and dissipation from critical areas while also minimising unwanted acoustic effects.

Passive and Active Cooling

Optimised using the latest CAD and simulation software. Air channels in the chassis frame work with the natural movement of the speaker when in use to efficiently provide additional forced-air, active cooling to the coil and motor system. The frame material itself along with other motor system components have also been selected for their passive heat dissipation properties, combining to enhance power handling and minimise power compression.

High Grade Alluminium Alloy

Die-cast using high-pressure injection moulding with added sectional strength to deliver maxiumum rigidity and reliability even under massive physical shock.

Fixing Holes

Positioned a good distance from the baffle cut-out to prevent edge splitting should a cabinet ever be dropped.

Extra Wide Flange

Prevents unwanted pressure, due to out-of-position fixing, from distorting the chassis.

Various Frame Sizes

We produce models on a variety of standard frames sizes ranging from 6.5" to a massive 24". Thanks to our engineeering skills and facilities we are also able to meet unique specifications when the need arises.

Voice Coils & Formers

Being the heart of any loudspeaker, we don't cut don't cut corners in this vital area. Quality of materials, design and assembly are the key here. Unlike many manufacturers we produce many of our coil designs in-house.

Our proprietary coil designs and manufacturing process are carefully calculated to result in ultimate power handling, longevity and mechanical stability at high operating temperatures. We use a variety of former materials to produce numerous coil designs ranging from 1.5” to 8”, using a variety of precision-wound wire types, most often copper or aluminium.  The assembly is then cured to ensure rigidity, essential for greater strength and maximisation of energy transmission.

Laminated Construction

For maxiumum strength, superior power handling, reliability and mechanical stability.

Wet-wind Process,

A key process where we have chosen component integrity over speed.

Inside/ Outside Windings

Coil windings are applied to the outer and inner surface of the former material. By creating a larger surface area, passive heat disspiation and power handing characteristics are greatly improved.

Active Cooling

Active Cooling and enhanced airflow around the coil and coil gap is provided by harnessing the natural motion of air generated by the speaker cone assembly when in use. By using specially positioned vent holes punched in the coil former in combination with motor system and chassis venting efficiently dissipates heat.

Cones & Software

All cones and suspension software used by Precision Devices are made from advanced and highly optimised materials with very fine set tolerances in their manufacture. Materials are selected for properties that include high strength and longevity, as well as sublime acoustic performance.

Each and every cone, and software component is carefully inspected prior to use, which ensures the exact sound quality will be found throughout the series with the utmost reliability.

The Winning Formula

Working closely with large international cone, surround and diaphragm manufacturers ensures we are at the forefront of material development and technology. Our trusted cone pulp formulas are a closely guarded secret and other software parts are bespoke made using the latest materials.

Klippel Verified

Klippel Scanning Vibrometer (SCN) and Suspension Part Measurement (SPM) systems ensure that we are able to both develop highly-optimised software components and actively control manufacturing consistency by monitoring the quality of incoming parts.

Optimised Suspension

Our FEA and Klippel optimised spider and surround designs, along with their selected materials, are designed to work in synergy. Suspension profile shapes and configurations, such as dual-spaced and silicone impregnated, provide high resistance to fatigue, linear travel, and stability at high excursion. Giving maximum long-term performance output with minimal distortion.

Specialist Cone Coatings

Many of our cones have specialist treatments and coatings applied during their manufacture to optimise and enhance tonal performance or provide additional characteristics such as weather proofing.

The Pinnacle of Precision Performance.

Motor Systems & Magnetic Circuits

The engine and driving force of the loudspeaker, our attention to detail and the finest materials is, again, what sets us apart from the competition.

Precision-machined, low-carbon steel plate sets, other metal materials and the strongest adhesives deliver superior strength and quality along with desirable thermal and magnetic properties. The highest grade neodymium and ceramic magnets ensure superior BL force factors to accurately control the cone/ coil assembly's moving mass and allows operating temperature in extremes without loss of flux. This leads to our products displaying higher efficiency, reduced distortion harmonics, improved transient response and the performance output our products are legendary for.

Unique Radial Neo Technology

Our proprietary Radial Neo Technology utilises powerful, arc segment neodymium magnets. Positioned away from the coil and flux gap in an optimal radial configuration allows effective management of the magnetic flux. Additional thermal management is provided by forced-air gaps between magnet sections, flared pole vents and aluminium heat sinks. All this results in units that provide high power handling and performance, tonal integrity retained at high volume and minimal thermal compression.

FEA Design and Analysis

Motor assemblies and magnetic circuits are FEA designed from the outset to allow prediction of parameters and performance. Whether a light-weight neodymium or heavy-duty ferrite magnet driver, it's been optimised to ensure the highest concentration of magnetic field strength in the voice coil gap to provides maximum power handling and performance.

Advanced Thermal Management

Our products not only look cool, they are... From heat-emissive black coatings to forced-air venting and materials selected for their heat transfer properties. Designs often feature a combination of advanced active and passive cooling systems with the motor unit at its core. Ventilation optimised to deliver maximum airflow, keeping heat away from the critical voice coil region allows us to increase power handling, SPL and long term performance reliability.

Shorting and Demodulation Rings

Using shorting, demodulation rings and caps assists in minimising harmonic distortion, coil-inductance variation and flux modulation, while also assistaning with heat dissipation from the speaker core.

Innovation and Research

With decades of experience and knowledge our engineering team understand driver design and behaviour, yet remain focussed on further research into sound reproduction. High-level investment in this area means we continue to develop and innovate, pushing the boundaries in acoustic design and material technology.

From the drawing board to computer simulations and acoustic analysis, we are equipped with latest hardware and computer software tirelessly refining our products and production processes. Cutting-edge materials are carefully investigated and developed to offer the best mechanical and acoustic performance for the intended application of any transducer.

Specifications You Can Rely On

Our team uses the latest Klippel KA3 Analyser, Audio Precision APX and NTi test systems for loudspeaker validation, detailed analysis, development and 'end-of-line' quality control testing. You can be sure that our published specifications are reflected in our production.

Development and Quality Control

Klippel Scanning Vibrometer (SCN) and Suspension Part Measurement (SPM) systems mean that not only are we are able to develop highly-optimised software components but also actively control manufacturing consistency by monitoring the quality of incoming component parts.

The Ultimate Reference

Following extensive lab tests, to ensure our products deliver the sharpest sound and clearest detail. They are subjected to final listening tests before approval by our team and panel of select partners and acoustic specialists whose input makes sure each model remains true to the PD design DNA — quality craftsmanship, reliability and unrivaled performance.

The Complete Sound Experience

With extensive designs for bass and mid-range woofers, it's only natural that we offer a range of high frequency compression drivers to provide systems designers with the ultimate PD sound experience.

Designed to integrate perfectly with superb clarity and intelligibility. They are the culmination of the same considerable research and development as our woofers. Made only from high-grade materials to generate smooth, clean and finely detailed performance across the audio spectrum.

Radial Neo Technology

Our unique nedymium motor technology allows precise control of the magnetic flux. This allows us to provide drivers with close coupling thanks to compact dimensions and footprint.

Pure Titanium Diaphragms

A perfect balance between strength and durability. Using only pure titanium allows for high SPL along with bright, extended output.

Advanced Material Technology

Precision Devices HF drivers feature a variety of advanced, modern materials and components selected for perfect tonal and performance characteristics.

Three-Slot Optimised Phase Plug

Our hand-assembled precision-machined, aluminium, three-slot phase plug has been created using the latest FEA techniques. The optimised geometry design enhances frequency response and tonal performance.

Perfect Integration

Work perfectly in combination with our bass and mid range woofers. Ideal for professional, high performance applications and can be used in traditional two-way or larger multi-way system designs.

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We're here to help and answer any technical or sales related questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.


How Can We Help?

We're here to help and answer any technical or sales related questions you may have.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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