Innovative 18 and 21-inch Sub Bass Loudspeaker Drivers Unveiled

by | May 31, 2024 | News

Precision Devices is proud to introduce its latest innovations in loudspeaker driver design: two cutting-edge sub bass drivers featuring lightweight Neodymium motor systems – the PD.2160-1N (21-inch) and the PD.1845-2N (18-inch).

Expertly engineered and crafted by the Precision Devices research and development team to deliver powerful and accurate bass consistently and reliably in the most demanding professional audio applications. Both new models are high-excursion designs that offer high BL, long xmax, low distortion, exceptional power handling, low power compression and high-sensitivity. Featuring on Precision Devices unique cast aluminium chassis, particular focus has been given to cooling of the voice coil and motor system. Precision-designed ventilation technologies in the chassis frame and optimised motor assemblies combine to provide enhanced cooling and efficient airflow that significantly aids power handling and reduces power compression to a minimum.

Another crucial aspect of the design process was meeting client requests and aligning with the market’s demand for compact speaker cabinets. Each model has undergone extensive optimisation by Klippel to ensure outstanding performance in compact designs, delivering articulate and well-defined bass response at high SPL levels. Moreover, significant efforts have been devoted to critical listening and cone selection, aiming not only to deliver exceptional raw performance but also to achieve outstanding musicality, resulting in the ultimate combination.

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The 21-inch PD.2160-1N is a powerful and dynamic driver engineered to meet the highest professional audio performance standards. Featuring a Neodymium motor structure producing 43 T/m force factor combined with a 6-inch inside/outside windings copper voice coil capable of handling 4000 W continuous program power. The PD.2160-1N ensures crystal-clear audio with low distortion and minimal power compression thanks to its advanced venting system and central aluminium heat sink. With incredible linear frequency response from 25 Hz – 300 Hz with a sensitivity of 97.5 dB, the optimised dual laminated silicone suspension system and wet pressed fibre-loaded cone assembly provide remarkable strength, stability and precise control of the driver’s 58 mm peak-to-peak maximum excursion.

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The 18-inch PD.1845-2N follows the success of the PD.1845-1N. Featuring a longer 42mm, 4.5-inch diameter, four-layer, Copper-clad aluminium voice coil design on an angular split, ventilated, glass fibre bobbin. The resulting increased 18mm X-max allows increased 3600W continuous power handling while keeping a very vibrant and warm tonal character over the driver’s 30Hz – 1 kHz bandwidth. Displaying 97.5dB sensitivity, the PD.1845-2N is perfect for delivering powerful, accurate bass in compact reflex and horn-loaded enclosure designs.

Incorporating an aluminium demodulation ring to dramatically reduce intermodulation and harmonic distortion, and improve the drivers transient response. The PD.1845-2N’s vented cast-aluminium chassis and forced-air cooled, long-throw motor system offers effective thermal management in the motor system and voice coil gap, decreasing the energy lost to heat which allows for extreme power handling and reducing effects of power compression. An optimised laminated silicone suspension keeps the cone balanced and controlled even at high cone excursion, working harmoniously to deliver the best possible performance.

To support the launch, Precision Devices has also released details for two free cabinet plans that are specifically optimised for each product. The PD-21BP6-1 cabinet plan is tailored for the PD.2160-1N driver, while the PD-18VB-1 is designed for the PD.1845-2N driver and also it’s predecessor the PD.1845-1N. In addition a new scoop design for the PD.1845-2N is planned for release later in 2024. Access to the plans and a selection of other enclosure designs can be found on our enclosure design page.

The PD.2160-1N and PD.1845-2N are available for pre-order now with the first stocks anticipated to begin shipping in August 2024.

For OEM and sample orders please contact for further details.

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