Precision Devices Seismic Product Range Expansion

by | Jul 4, 2021 | News

We are proud to announce the release of two brand-new flagship models: the revolutionary
24-inch, PD.24603BR and the 21-inch, PD.2155-1N sub bass loudspeaker drivers.

Utilising the latest Klippel KA3 measurement systems and further ongoing research into performance-optimized magnetic assembly design, cone geometry and suspension technology has enabled the company to create a new, dynamic, and powerful line-up of new products. Designed and engineered at our UK headquarters, the new 24-inch and 21-inch deliver increased sensitivity, power handling and excursion capabilities with ultra-low distortion levels and seismic sub bass performance. The flagship 24-inch and 21-inch models are the first to be revealed and spearhead the company’s post-covid strategy with further 18-inch, 21-inch, 24-inch and other models in development for Q4 2021 and beyond. Precision Devices focus on the brand’s core strengths of delivering ultra-high performance component transducers that surpass the conventionally established limits of loudspeaker technology. In short, the company demonstrates confidence in the future through leading transducer design and pioneering unique product offerings imbued with Precision Devices’ individual design DNA. An innovator and not an imitator.

PD.24603BR – 24” Sub Bass Driver

PD 24603BR Image0003 720 web min Precision Devices Seismic Product Range Expansion
PD.24603BR – Sub Bass Driver

The result of our unrivalled heritage of over 20 years expertise in the design and manufacture of commercially available 24-inch transducers, the PD.24603BR is a perfect combination of performance optimised design and superior audio output. The impressive and unique PD.24603BR footprint represents best-in-class performance for professional audio designers. Delivering unsurpassed levels of LF output, while remaining fast and articulate, the PD.24603BR is tuned for use primarily in bass reflex enclosures from 150-220 litres. The PD.24603BR is also capable of performing admirably in other cabinet design formats.

PD.2155-1N – 21” Sub Bass Driver

PD 2155 1N Image0003 720 web min Precision Devices Seismic Product Range Expansion
PD.2155-1N – Sub Bass Driver

The PD.2155-1N is an extremely low distortion and highly dynamic sub bass driver, again drawing upon Precision Devices’ long-established expertise in the design and manufacture of some of the world’s finest 21-inch transducers. Engineered and optimised for hybrid horn-loaded cabinet designs, the transducer produces 98 dB sensitivity over its working band and is capable of handling 3000 W continuous program power. Featuring a neodymium magnet assembly, generating a very high force factor of 30 T/m, along with smooth linear excursion.

  • 21” / 530 mm nominal diameter.
  • New, ergonomic, vented cast aluminium chassis design offers improved thermal control.
  • 5.5” inside/outside voice coil windings, vented, copper voice coil.
  • 98dB sensitivity (1W/ 1m).
  • Vented neodymium motor system and voice coil gap for reduced power compression.
  • 1500 W (AES) rated power handling, 3000 W continuous.
  • 30 Hz – 300 Hz frequency response.
  • Double silicone spider configuration with optimised compliance.
  • High B/L force factor of 30 T/m.
  • 16 mm maximum linear excursion.

Both transducers are available now for audio system manufacturer sample orders, and due to begin shipping to global retail partners in Q3 2021. If you are looking to bring new audio products to your market or interested in representing a globally renowned audio brand in your country, please contact us at

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