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Sub Bass Driver
(2 customer reviews)
  • New Ergonomic, Vented Cast Aluminium Chassis Offers Improved Thermal Control
  • 6.08” High-Power Copper Voice Coil
  • Vented Motor System and Voice Coil Gap For Reduced Power Compression
  • Optimised Compliance Suspension System Offers Perfect Linearity and Ultra-Mechanical Control
  • Incredible B/L Force Factor of Over 39 T/m
Klippel Verifeid


24” / 610 mm

Coil Diameter

6.08” / 152 mm

Power Rating

1800 W (A.E.S.)

Frequency Range

20 Hz - 200 Hz


98 dB


16.00 mm

The flagship PD.24603BR 24 inch loudspeaker driver embodies major advancements for Precision Devices driver technology and is the result of an intensive 24 month research and development phase. The perfect combination of elegant design and superior audio output, the PD.24603BR represents best-in-class performance for professional audio designers.

Incorporating an unconventional neodymium motor system design, driving a 6.08” high-power, copper voice coil with an incredible B/L force factor of 39 T/m. The unit is capable of handling 1800W (AES) (3600 W program power) and exhibits 98 dB sensitivity over its working band of 20 - 200 Hz. The vented, die-cast aluminium chassis design combines with motor and coil venting systems to efficiently maintain optimal operating temperatures, increasing reliability and minimising power compression effects. Featuring an optimised compliance, large displacement, suspension system in conjunction with straight-sided, ribbed cone geometry. This sub bass behemoth offers the benefits of ultra-mechanical control, perfect linear excursion and low harmonic distortion. Delivering unsurpassed levels of LF output, while remaining fast and articulate.

Tuned for use primarily in bass reflex enclosures from 150-220 litres, the PD.24603BR is also capable of performing admirably in other cabinet design formats.

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Frequency Response Graph
Impedance GRAPH
General Specifications
Type Sub Bass Driver
Available Impedance 8 Ohm
Nominal Diameter 24” / 610 mm
Voice Coil Diameter 6.08” / 152 mm
Peak Power (6 dB Crest Factor) * 7200 W (A.E.S.)
Power Rating 1 2 * 1800 W (A.E.S.)
Sensitivity (1W/ 1m) * 98 dB
Frequency Range 20 Hz - 200 Hz
Resonance 34 Hz
Voice Coil Winding Depth 37.00 mm / 1.46”
Recommended Enclosure Volume 150 - 220 Litres
Flux Density 1.5 Tesla
Magnet Material Neodymium
Magnet Gap Depth 15.0 mm / 0.59”
Former Material Glass Fibre
Dust Dome Material Solid Paper
Voice Coil Material Copper
Cone Material Paper
Suspension Material Fabric
Surround Material Fabric
Thiele Small Parameters
Fs 34 Hz
Re 5.3 Ω
Qms 9.92
Qes 0.32
Qts 0.31
Le (@ 1 kHz) 4.01 mH
Le (@10 kHz) 1.51 mH
Vas 355 Litres
Mms 440 g
Sd 2239 cm2
Cms 49.8 μm/N
BL 39.46 T/m
Xmax 16.00 mm
Vd 3.58 Litres
Ref. Efficiency 4.19 %
EBP 106.25 Hz
Dimensions & Mounting
Overall Diameter 632 mm
Width Across Flats 610 mm
Flange Height 17 mm
Depth (Excl. Flange) 260 mm
Magnet Diameter 194 mm
Chassis Shoulder Diameter 573 mm
Outer Bolt Circle x6 M8 on 606 mm PCD
Shipping Information
Nett Weight 23.00 kg / 50.71 lb
Shipping Weight 25.00 kg / 55.12 lb
* Power compression is the reduction of sensitivity at the specified power. Higher power ratings do not necessarily give a proportionate increase in SPL therefore the maximum SPL of the driver may significantly exceed that of other manufacturers with high power ratings.
1. AES Standard (20 to 200 Hz). Program 1800 Watts.
2. AES Recommended Practice.
3. Thiele - Small Parameters follow a 1200 Watt preconditioning period verified by Klippel LSI measurement.
4. 2.83V. Half space response measured in a 975 Litre sealed enclosure.
Please note that frequency response measurements are supplied for comparison purposes only and are not a measure of the low frequency performance which may be achievable in a fully optimised system.
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2 reviews for PD.24603BR

  1. Bill Weir

    OK- First potential misconception I’d like to dispel is these are TIGHT and MUSICAL drivers. This is not slow, ponderous bass this is high impact, high fidelity MUSICAL bass on offer here. People have this mistaken concept that large cone drivers automatically cannot be as nimble and tight as a smaller speaker. That just isn’t true. One could get good bass out of a manhole cover if there is a strong enough motor and these drivers have that! It’s a little scary to think hard about in fact. Larger cone drivers tend to present the bottom of their range with more authority than multiple smaller cone drivers with the same diaphragm surface area, so these are true subwoofer drivers. Power handling specs are conservative. We are using them in front loaded horns and we typically de-rate horn loaded drivers using small volume rear compression chambers. We found that we did not need to do so with these, even in the old-school TSW124 enclosures.

  2. Gulab singh

    This is my favorite speaker

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