Voice Coil Test Bench: PD.CD2N

by | Jun 12, 2018 | News

Precision Devices PD.CD2N, 1.4″ exit, neodymium Compression Driver was reviewed in the February 2018 edition of Voice Coil Magazine’s Test Bench.

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“The PD.CD2N, from UK Pro Sound OEM manufacturer Precision Devices, is part of Precision Devices’ seven model lineup of high-performance neodymium compression drivers. Six of the models, including the PD.CD2N, feature titanium diaphragms (one uses Peek diaphragm material), as well as utilizing a three-slot optimized phase plug design. The PD.CD2N has a 50.8 mm (2”) throat diameter and is driven by a titanium diaphragm with a 72.2 mm (2.84”) diameter voice coil wound with aluminum wire on a Kapton former. Other features include a radial neodymium magnet motor structure, an aluminum three-slot phase plug, nominal 105 W (AES) rated power handling, a 1.6 kHz recommended crossover frequency, and color-coded chrome push terminals. Since Precision Devices does not manufacture horns, I mated the compression driver up to a B&C Speakers ME60 constant directivity 2” throat 60°H × 40°V aluminum horn with a 0.8 kHz cutoff frequency…”

Vance Dickason, Voice Coil

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