Quietly Confident

by | Jan 28, 2021 | News

2020 is the year that reset expectations and plans for pro audio manufacturers, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic effecting the professional audio industry fundamentally with the indefinite closure and postponement of live music events and entertainment venues worldwide. It may appear from the outside that things have fallen quiet at Precision Devices, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that since the lockdowns in the UK were implemented from the end of March, we’ve been making preparations for the revival of the events industry and gearing up to provide their customers with the correct tools to deliver optimal performance solutions when it does.

In fact, as Managing Director Mark Barnes says, “we have never been busier or more focused on new business development”.

In common with other pro audio manufacturers, the past year hasn’t been an easy time. However, despite the disruptions and with the exemplary support of customers from around the world, Precision Devices have been able to continue operations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic at their UK head office and China facilities. Ensuring a continued service and supply of stock to customers, they have seized the opportunity provided by ‘downtime’ to focus on innovative new product development and continuous improvement to their best-selling models. The end result is, effectively, a complete overhaul of their product range, a reset for 2021 which represents an impressive foundation upon which to build growth and provide clients with improved product options for the future.

“Far from being overwhelmed by the ongoing period of disruption in 2020,” Mark Barnes says, “we took the decision to view the situation as an opportunity to focus on refinement of our existing product lines and development of new products which will excite and inspire both our existing global customer network and attract new clients. Instead of losing focus on our core strengths and moving into other business areas, we have remained wholly committed and faithful to our core ethos: to develop, manufacture and supply the world’s most refined, high-performance professional audio components capable of operating in the world’s most demanding of audio environments. Meeting the twin objectives of refinement in presentation but rugged reliance in performance is a challenge but one we believe we have achieved, not least through the introduction of new chassis tooling and a host of detail improvements across our product range.”

The coming weeks will see the launch of exciting new models available from stock in the UK and Europe for the first time. With new 18”, 21” and 24” components in the imminent stages of final development and a complete overhaul of our existing product line. Drawing upon the latest Klippel measurement and analysis system to refine all designs, we emerge from the present period of disruption leaner and stronger and better able to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements than ever before.

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