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Bass Driver
(1 customer review)
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminium chassis for increased rigidity
  • Power compression only 2.7dB at rated power*
  • A B/L in excess of 26 T/m
  • Suitable for both horn-loaded and bass reflex designs


15" / 380 mm

Coil Diameter

4.0" / 101.6 mm

Power Rating

600 w (A.E.S.)

Frequency Range

40 Hz - 1.5 kHz


99 dB


8.2 mm
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Sorry, this product is out of manufacture and no longer available.

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General Specifications
Type Bass Driver
Available Impedance 4 Ω/ 8 Ω/ 16 Ω
Nominal Diameter 15" / 380 mm
Voice Coil Diameter 4.0" / 101.6 mm
Peak Power (6 dB Crest Factor) * 2400 w (A.E.S.)
Power Rating 1 2 * 600 w (A.E.S.)
Sensitivity (1W/ 1m) * 99 dB
Frequency Range 40 Hz - 1.5 kHz
Resonance 46.17 Hz
Voice Coil Winding Depth 22 mm / 0.87"
Recommended Enclosure Volume 80 - 200 Litres
Flux Density 1.5 Tesla
Magnet Material Ceramic
Magnet Gap Depth 10 mm / 0.39"
Former Material Glass Fibre
Dust Dome Material Paper
Voice Coil Material Copper
Cone Material Paper
Suspension Material Fabric
Surround Material Fabric
Thiele Small Parameters
Fs 46.17 Hz
Re 6.59 Ω
Qms 13.87
Qes 0.3
Qts 0.29
Le (@ 1 kHz) 0.78 mh
Vas 126.39 litres
Mms 114.38 g
Sd 907.92 cm2
Cms 109.33 µm/N
BL 26.61 T/m
Xmax 8.2 mm
Vd 0.73 litres
Ref. Efficiency 3.14%
EBP 153.9 Hz
Dimensions & Mounting
Overall Diameter 410 mm
Width Across Flats 395 mm
Flange Height 10 mm
Depth (Excl. Flange) 146 mm
Magnet Diameter 220 mm
Chassis Shoulder Diameter 357 mm
Outer Bolt Circle 6 * M6 on 395mm PCD
Inner Bolt Circle 8 * M6 on 370mm PCD
Shipping Information
Nett Weight 12.8 Kg / 28.22 lb.
Shipping Weight 14 Kg / 30.86 lb.
*1 Power compression is the reduction of sensitivity at the specified power. Higher power ratings do not necessarily give a proportionate increase in SPL therefore the maximum SPL of the driver may significantly exceed that of other manufacturers with high power ratings.

1. AES Standard (40 to 400 Hz) Program 1200 Watts.
2. AES Recommended Practice.
3. Thiele - Small Parameters follow a 1000 Watt preconditioning period.

Please note that frequency response measurements are supplied for comparison purposes only and are not a measure of the low frequency performance which may be achievable in a fully optimised system.
Frequency Response & Impedance
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1 review for PD.1550

  1. Stefan Peterson

    Use these in an open baffle set up with 2 per channel. With some serious equalizing and Class-D amplifiers, punchy and powerful bass down to about 30 Hz is realized. To be able to hear and actually feel the dynamics in the low bass is an incredibly involving experience. Could hardly be happier.

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