Driving Extraordinary Performance

The PD.24603BR – 24” Sub Bass driver.
A perfect combination of elegant design and superior audio output.

Precision Devices are regarded globally as a leading manufacturer and designer of high-end, professional audio transducers.

Supplying many of the top audio brands and audio systems designers, Precision Devices are driven by our passion for sound and a philosophy to create next generation loudspeaker drivers capable of achieving superior levels of acoustic performance in professional audio systems and bespoke enclosure designs.

Delivering a definitive audio experience that captivates listeners. Our products draw on a rich heritage of craftsmanship and manufacturing prowess to provide faithful signal reproduction, combined with exceptional levels of strength and reliability.

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Precision Devices manufacture high-end loudspeaker drivers ranging from 6.5″ vocal mid-range drivers, up to large 24″ woofers for earth-shaking sub bass.

English Heritage - Hand Built

World Class Quality

You can be sure if it carries the PD badge, it carries our reputation and is the result of relentless design and optimisation by our research and development team.

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Designed to integrate perfectly with our bass and mid-range transducers providing loudspeaker designers with the ultimate PD sound experience.

Hand-Crafted Precision

Hand-crafted and quality assured at every stage of the production journey by our highly skilled and experienced team. From molten aluminium used in high-pressure, die cast injection moulding of our high-strength chassis designs to precision CNC machining of metal components, in-house wound voice coils and the final product assembly.

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Our Loudspeaker Design & Technology

Precision Devices transducers feature innovative design and state-of-the-art material technologies. More than just the result from decades of acoustic research and development, knowledge and expertise.

From the drawing board to FEA (finite element analysis) and acoustic simulations, vented chassis’ and voice coils, to the latest Klippel analysis, optimisation and testing. Take a closer look at the technologies behind our products and discover what goes into making an audio performance like no other.

Can't Find It? Let's Make It.

Talk to us about our custom design capabilities.

We manufacture many specialised products, that are not specifically covered within our core product range, for some of the world’s most prestigious audio companies to their own exacting standards and blue prints.

Bespoke Design & Manufacture

Loudspeaker Modification Options


Measurement and Analysis


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