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All of our loudspeakers are designed using the finest materials without compromising on quality for financial reasons. Manufactured in our factory in the North of England our skilled engineering and dedicated technical staff have many years of experience in the production of high quality audio components. 

Although measured performance is the goal of all professional audio development, science alone can never establish the quality of a loudspeaker. Therefore, following in-depth scientific analysis we subject all products and advancements to extended listening tests. It is only by doing so that we are able to satisfy the ultimate reference - the human ear.

Precision Devices Cut away model


Our unique twelve sided chassis is made with generous use of aluminium alloy with added sectional strength, as much as twice as thick as most manufacturers. The result is a a range of drive units that will not fail even under massive physical shock. The shape of the chassis and position of fixing holes has been carefully designed to carry the weight load away from the baffle hole so if the cabinet is dropped the baffle hole remains intact.

  • Thick section chassis to ensure maximum heat transfer away from critical areas and provide maximum strength.
  • Many chassis feature 'hidden' mounting holes to allow flexibility options when mounting.
  • An Extra wide flange prevents unwanted pressure from out of position fixing from distorting the chassis. 



A cone’s material strongly influences the acoustical behaviour and the sound of a loudspeaker. We use UK manufactured cones for all our loudspeakers each subject to carefeul inspection ensuring they are within our fine set tolerances.  At the design stage, often using advanced materials and processes, we select a large number of cones and then reduce this down through stringent listening tests and analysis until we select the final cone with our desired acoustical performance.

  • Long fibre designs for improved internal dampinga  and additional tear resistance.
  • Air dried to increase internal damping and optimise tonal qualities.

Precision Devices Cones


Voice Coils

An equally complex process is our in-house manfacture of voice coils, unlike other manufacturers we produce our own (from 1.5" to 6" coils in both copper and aluminium). The heart of any loudspeaker we don't cut corners in this vital area, quality of materials and assembly are the key here.

Pure copper wire is used on many of our voice coils for long term strength and reliability. The wire is coated with high temperature enamel, and precision wound onto an epoxy resin-impregnated woven fibreglass former. Once this is completed the whole assembly is cured at high temperature to give it a rigid and integrated structure. Such rigidity is essential for greater strength and to maximise its energy transmission abilities.

  • Laminated construction for maximum strength.
  • Wet wind process used on all our coils, a key process in which we have chosen component integrity over production speed.
  • Our proprietary coil design/process, which we have developed in-house, is carefully optimised to give maximum strength and longevity. No compromise has ever been considered just to deliver short-term gain.
  • Close tolerance wires are sourced for minimum unit to unit variation. 


Magnet Assembly

For the magnet assembly, the engine of the speaker, our attention to detail and the finest materials is again what sets us apart from the competition. To maximise contact between plates and enhance flux strength we specify top quality low carbon steel machined in Sheffield, England to very fine tolerances. The magnetic gap is also designed precisely to give the dual advantages of greater magnetic power and increased cooling for the coil. All magnets are finally tested to withstand the extremes of working temperatures without loss of flux. This is very important where speakers can be used in freezing conditions and also be driven to extremely high temperatures.

  • Precision CNC machined for closest possible tolerances which minimizes variation.
  • Strongest adhesives available are utilised for maximum shear strength, selected for their bond properties and never for speed of cure.
  • Magnetized using our 100K Joule magnetizer to ensure total magnetization.

Precision Devices


Suspensions, Terminals and Dust Caps

  • Poly cotton materials are used for suspensions. Materials are selected for optimum strength, adhesion and longevity.
  • All models use metal push termainals to ensure perfect termination with soldering.
  • All models feature a solid composition centre dome that works as an extension of the cone.



At the end of this chain is the vital step which guarantees that all the effort we’ve put into the design is reflected in the manufacturing quality. All components are assembled by a modular process, and each module is then individually tested before being assembled into a complete unit. The result is a more accurate natural sound and improved reliability, through precisely-designed and manufactured components.

  • All processes and adhesives are chosen for their thermal and mechanical properties and never for speed of cure
  • Built using a carefully controlled blend of operator controlled and automated processes with in-built operator inspection at each key stage
  • All units are produced in our custom built facility which was designed by our team from a blank canvas to optimise all aspects of production.

Precision Devices - the final product


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Precision Devices, has been working hard to ensure that the developing situation in the UK and around the world will have as little impact to our customers as possible. We have good levels of stock and a strong supply chain in place so that we can continue to provide fast, accurate leads times for our customers where possible.
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