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Founded in 1987, England. Precision Devices is regarded globally as a leading manufacturer and designer of high-end loudspeaker transducers. For over 25 years we have been driven by a passion and philosophy to create next generation drive units capable of achieving superior levels of acoustic performance combined with exceptional levels of strength and reliability. Built to be driven to their rated specification and often beyond, Precision Devices transducers are synonymous with uncompromising quality and enviable performance, instantly recognizable and highly desired. Widely recognised as the worlds’ finest, most prestigious loudspeakers.

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+ Heavy-duty cast aluminium chassis for increased rigidity.
+ A B/L in excess of 22 T/m.
+ Extended mid range response up to 4.5kHz.
+ Suitable for either direct radiating or popular horn loaded mid/high applications.
+ Easy integration with small format compression drivers.
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+ Heavy-duty cast aluminium chassis for increased rigidity.
+ Neodymium magnet assembly.
+ A B/L in excess of 20 T/m.
+ Synthetic loaded paper cone optimised for minimum delayed resonances.
+ Suitable for direct radiating or horn loaded mid/high applications.
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Meta Acoustics Fires Up Reggae Roast with PD

After many years of dreaming and months of planning and building, Reggae Roast ( have announced the launch of their brand new, custom built Meta Acoustics sound system ( With a cutting edge design, the Reggae Roast sound system (RRSS) is the only one of its kind in existence – it’s uniquelook, high fidelity audio and astronomical power means the RSSS is set to make huge waves in the UK bass music scene, as well as at festivals and beyond.

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Life on the Flipside

We recently played host to our friends James Cooper and Michael Layton from Flipside Sound System. Click below to read the full report from their visit.
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